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By making the pledge and adding your name to this site, your values will be made visible. You can also connect with other pledgers, as well as through social media platforms. Our supporters include a selection of independent performing arts practitioners and sustainability groups who are passionate about social and environment issues.

The ecostage pledgers

  • Profile picture of Phil
    Phil Harlow Footprint Scenery Sustainable Scenic Excellence
  • Profile picture of Phoebe
    Phoebe Brown
  • Profile picture of Stefano
  • Profile picture of peter
    peter williams organic panda
  • Profile picture of Carmela
    Carmela Wager Stage and costume designer, freelance. Informing theatres and theatre groups about sustainability since 2013 by presentations and Grona Teatern FB
  • Profile picture of Samuel
    Samuel Overington Artist + www
  • Profile picture of Kaiya
    Kaiya Waerea
  • Profile picture of Suzanne
    Suzanne Burlton Set and costume designer based in Oxford
  • Profile picture of Gary
    Gary Campbell Gary Campbell and Jeannine Inglis Hall are a dynamic design team creating immersive installations and participatory experiences for all ages. We engage audiences [ often unsuspecting passersby ] in rewarding interactive experiences which encourage creativity, social interaction and play. Sustainable design is embedded in our practice. We achieve this by employing resourcefulness, using reclaimed and ethically sourced materials and carefully considering transport and storage solutions.

REsearch is collaborative map in search for sustainable materials. Follow us on @REsearchbooty
  • Profile picture of Tanja
    Tanja Beer Co-founder of the Ecostage Pledge, ecoscenographer and performance maker
  • Profile picture of Annett
    Annett Baumast working on culture & sustainability
  • Profile picture of Jeremy
    Jeremy Pickard Superhero Clubhouse is a collective of artists and scientists working at the intersection of environmentalism and theater.
  • Profile picture of Emily
    Emily Reid Theatre-maker & Director. Founder of Eco Drama.
  • Profile picture of Eric
    Eric Miller The Only Animal creates original theatre works out of a deep engagement with place. We take theatre places its never been before.
  • Profile picture of David
    David Maney
  • Profile picture of andrea
    andrea Lepcio Playwright
  • Profile picture of Tom
    Tom Payne Envionmentally and socially engaged performer, researcher and arts activist
  • Profile picture of MKA
    MKA New. Bold. Strange.
  • Profile picture of Gina
    Gina Biggs SheWolf Ensemble; exploring the interconnections between land, body and voice.
  • Profile picture of Andrea
    Andrea Carr eco-design for performance, artist, co-founder ecostage
  • Profile picture of Upstream Artists
    Upstream Artists Collective small stories, global impact
  • Profile picture of vidya
    vidya rajan
  • Profile picture of Debbie
    Debbie Zukerman Choo Choo Troupe
  • Profile picture of Angela
    Angela Campbell Lecturer, Performing Arts, Federation University
  • Profile picture of Tom
    Tom Gutteridge Theatre and opera director
  • Profile picture of Steven
    Steven Finch writer, artist and producer
  • Profile picture of alice
    alice malia Designer for performance, artist and co-founder of ecostage
  • Profile picture of Feat
    Feat Theatre Located at 62-64 Oakover Rd, Preston, Feat Theatre is a 'makers theatre' dedicated to supporting creative artists. Our Theatre has been created from many found and repurposed material and equipment.
  • Profile picture of Bryce
    Bryce Ives Artistic Director, Present Tense
  • Profile picture of Aisha
    Aisha Zia Writer
  • Profile picture of Liz
    Liz Ivkovich Dancer & Dancemaker
  • Profile picture of Karen
    Karen Malpede TheaterThreeCollaborative was co-founded by George Bartenieff, Karen Malpede and the late Lee Nagrin in 1995 as an ecofeminist, poetic social justice theater.
  • Profile picture of Rosie
    Rosie Leach Theatre-maker. Co-founder of Green Stage. Rooted in community, energised by collaboration, sparked by a hunger to make the world a fairer, saner place, and invigorated by working outdoors, my work spans performance, education and research.
  • Profile picture of Karen
    Karen O'Brien Assistant Professor & Frey Fellow in Dramatic Art, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Profile picture of Bridget
    Bridget Bathgate Bridget Bathgate is a visual artist and emerging curator in Perth. She graduated from the Central Institute of Technology in 2014 with an Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts and is completing a Bachelor of Arts at Curtin University. She works currently at Paper Mountain performing the role of studio manager.
  • Profile picture of Chantal
    Chantal Bilodeau Playwright, translator, Artistic Director of The Arctic Cycle and founder of Artists And Climate Change.
  • Profile picture of Ian
    Ian Garrett Designer/Researcher/Producer/Educator, Co-Dir CSPA
  • Profile picture of Brianna
    Brianna Sloane Director, Devised Play-Maker, Performer, Educator. Co-Founder of TheatreTruck.
  • Profile picture of Sophie
    Sophie Set & Costume Designer
  • Profile picture of The Living Stage
    The Living Stage (Tanja Beer) A project which combines ecological stage design, community engagement and permaculture
  • Profile picture of Mona
    Mona Kastell artist & designer
  • Profile picture of Lisa
    Lisa Woynarski Ecodramaturg, performance maker, researcher and lecturer. Co-director of Green Stage and the Culture & Ecology Network.
  • Profile picture of Lani
    Lani Fu Superhero Clubhouse is a collective of artists and scientist working at the intersection of theater and environmentalism
  • Profile picture of UNSW Creative Practice Lab
    UNSW Creative Practice Lab UNSW Australia School of the Arts and Media
  • Profile picture of Paul
    Paul Matthews Designer
  • Profile picture of Anna
    Anna artist and designer
  • Profile picture of Sarah
    Sarah Harper Friches Theatre Urbain
  • Profile picture of Kate
    Kate Whitehead
  • Profile picture of Evelyn
    Evelyn O'Malley
  • Profile picture of Geoffrey
    Geoffrey Heard
  • Profile picture of Ayesha
    Ayesha Tansey